A Professional Lithium Battery Solution Provider and Manufacturer

Position Number of peopleRequirements

R&D Director


1. Bachelor degree or above, new energy materials, chemistry and related majors;

2. Master knowledge of new energy, new material research and development, production technology, etc.

3, More than 5 years of related work experience, 3 years of experience in middle-level technology management in the industry or similar industries;

4. Must have strong strategic thinking ability, decision-making ability, planning and organizational ability;

5, Familiar with office software, design software, etc.;

Sales6Graduates of marketing, international economics and trade or business English majors, lively and outgoing personality,  fluent in Mandarin, proficient in WORD, EXCEL, strong Communication and coordination skills, work experience in the battery industry is preferred, salary: basic salary + commission
Brand promotion specialist 2

1. Strong English writing skills, excellent oral English is preferred, English. e-commerce, marketing and other professional priorities;

2. Familiar with European and American cultures and information about technology products. Experiences in off-site channel marketing are preferred, such as familiarity with blogs, forums, social media alliances, discount networks, etc., with certain promotional resources

3, have a certain data analysis capabilities, screening the most suitable channels and summarize their characteristics

4, has a certain degree of patience and logical thinking ability, good at teamwork and communication

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Cylindrical lithium battery
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Third and chaoyang focus on the development, production and sales of high quality and high performance polymer lithium ion batteries, which are the most comprehensive solutions and manufacturers of lithium battery solutions.


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